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 SY Salvage Yard System for 18 Wheelers

RS HOME 18 Wheeler Heavy Duty Truck Salvage for Windows™ * Heavy Truck Wrecking Yards * Digital Pictures * 18 Wheeler Salvage * Inventory Bar Code tags ¹ * Component model look-up * Automatic Cores * Excel™ data import/export * Windows™ 10, 8, 7, XP, Server * Send your part inventory to your web site Click here for example

Put your vehicle inventory on the web Contact email: esales@rossknecht.com RSphoneAndEmailGif 18 Wheeler Heavy Truck Salvage Yard Software Download - Play video(7mb)- SY graphical look-up example Download - Play video(40mb)- longer SY video example SY Heavy Duty Salvage Yard system complete..............$995 Vehicle salvage yard management system for Windows PCs. Computer inventory and sales history of vehicles and parts for Salvage Yards. Easy to use Part-Finder and Vehicle-Finder menu interface. Automatically shows which parts have been sold from chosen vehicle. Look up parts by vehicle application, part type, or part number. Part inventory can include pulled parts, parts on vehicle, as well as new parts such as radiators and windshields. The SY salvage software system also handles the sale of parts which were not inventoried as well as towing & storage charges. Automatic inventory adjustment and sales history. Add up your sales and sales tax due instantly for any period. Customer account file for regular customers. Print receipts, invoices, vehicle and part catalogs, Bar-Code labels for parts. No monthly fees. SY Heavy Duty Salvage customer web site Your SY inventory vehicle and part data will be uploaded to your own web site which will be provided by Rossknecht Software. Your SY inventory data and pictures will be uploaded automatically every night. Internet users will be able to browse to your web site and look up items in your inventory by make-model-year or by part number. Here is an example of how your SY web pages will look:Click here for example More info is available on the SY system by clicking here.

Optional Modules for SY System 18 Wheelers

Accounts Receivable Option "AR" Accounts Receivable add-on option, Add................$200 5 User Network Option 5 user network option, Add.................................$750 IVY Inventory & Job-Shop IVY Inventory and Job-Shop, Add............................$300 Salvage Yard software complete packages include: * Point-of-Sale invoice printing, plain paper or custom invoices targeted. Put your own warranty message at bottom of each invoice. * Your own web site for your inventory where any Internet user can go and look up parts by make-model-year or by part number. SY uploads your inventory automatically every night including pictures. * Inventory restocking & price editing spreadsheet screen included. * Cores go onto invoice automatically when part requires a core. * Print your own form letter to any or all of your customers with address placed in letter to fit a window envelope. * A utility program for converting and loading your Excel™ spreadsheet data into SY part, catalog, and customer files. * One button instant export to Excel for any data - inventory, sales, etc. * Utility programs for database maintenance, reindexing, data recovery after computer problems and setting security passwords. * Pre-loaded Part-Finder and Model-Finder menus for look-ups by part application & utility programs for customizing these menus. * No monthly fees, 3 months updates and support included SY- Salvage Yard system * VIN tracking on invoices if needed in your state * Shows and totals all parts which have been sold from vehicle * Towing & Storage on salvage invoices * Print parts tags with or without Bar Codes¹ * Print shipping labels based on previously generated customer invoice * Inventory 35 main vehicle parts automatically * Special version available for 18 wheeler and big truck salvage * Invoice screen displays vehicle model & year which part is from * IVY job-shop can be added for repair work or ongoing invoices How to Order To order, call the number below or you can print this, complete the information below, and mail this page to the address below with a check for the total amount. Add $10 for shipping. Name and Address Software Package Price _____________________________________ _____________________ _________ _____________________________________ _____________________ _________ _____________________________________ _____________________ _________ _____________________________________ Total Amount: _________ ROSSKNECHT SOFTWARE PO Box 494598 Redding, CA 96049 Contact email: esales@rossknecht.com RSphoneAndEmailGif ™ Windows and Excel are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation ¹ Bar Code font not included - see for example Wasp™ Corp. pn 633808063016 Bar Code scanner - see for example Symbol™ model LS2208-1AZK0100S